5 top tips for creating a foodie child


Tip 1: Cook with your child.

This is no.1 for a reason, as it works on so many levels. Firstly, it eliminates the sense of surprise and suspicion when a new meal is presented and secondly the child takes ownership and pride over the dish they’ve prepared, so will naturally want to try it.


Tip 2: Make a fuss when they try new foods.

Pile on the praise and offer stickers or create a reward chart for trying new foods. Soon they’ll want to do it at every mealtime.

Tip 3: Encourage them to smell and taste herbs and spices...

...and discuss which foods they might be paired with, for example cinnamon and apple or rosemary and lamb. If your child is accustomed to the use of these flavours, then you’ve set them up for a lifelong foodie adventure!


Tip 4: Eat the same food together at meal times.

As parents you’re the biggest influence on your child, so if they see you enjoying your food, then they are inclined to do the same.

Tip 5: Be patient.

You’re in it for the long haul. If you’re child is not naturally interested in food the above tips might not work overnight but they will work, so, don’t get frustrated or reprimand the child for not being adventurous, simply praise the good and ignore the bad.