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Turn Fussy Eaters Into Little Chefs

Following your recipes and cooking with my son has really helped his self-esteem and also his eating habits.
— Kate Warrington
  • Are your kids happy to eat junk but reluctant to try new or healthy foods?
  • Sign up to our online Kids Chef training course and your child will not only eat a variety of foods, but cook them too! 
  • The Kids Chef training course is designed to encourage a love of good food, all whilst teaching you and your child nutritional facts and the invaluable life skill of cooking. 

How It Works

  • The Kids Chef training course is a collection of 12 simple, fun, delicious and nutritious recipes with accompanying videos to cook at home with your child – We recommend cooking 3 recipes a week together.
  • The recipes use everyday ingredients and follow a natural progression to limit waste. These include delicious snacks, breakfasts, meals and treats that you’ll cook again and again. 
  • The course can be followed by anyone from 2 to 102, however it has been aimed at children from 3-12.
  • Each dish includes a shopping list, tips, skills to practice, equipment needed and nutritional facts to share.
  • Upon completion of the course your child will be sent their certificate and chef’s hat.

Don't Cook For Your Kids, Cook With Them

  • Over the course of these weekly cooking sessions, watch your relationship with your child blossom.
  • Simple, well-practiced recipes, clear instructions and fun videos of Dotty and I making each dish mean that it doesn’t matter if you have no cooking experience or confidence in the kitchen, you and your child can learn together. 
Cooking with my Mum is one of my fondest memories, Dotty’s Kitchin has made it so easy for me to give my son those same memories.
— Lucy Childerley

Join A Cooking Community

  • As soon as you register for the course you’ll be given access to a private members group full of little chef’s in the making, where you can share stories, photos and fussy eating and cooking tips with other parents.
  • I’ll also be in there to offer advice and share your journey. 

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I can’t believe the difference in my children since doing Dotty’s Kitchin! They are so enthusiastic about trying new foods and they love learning the nutritional facts.
— Jenny Denyer
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