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Here at Dotty’s Kitchin we know the best way to get kids to eat good food is by making it fun and tasty! 

Our aim is to change societies perception of children’s food by inspiring parents and getting kids excited about cooking and eating good food.

We know that fussy eating is one of the primary concerns that parents have when it comes to encouraging their children to eat a healthy diet. For that reason we have developed an exciting online kids chef course that is designed to get kids excited about eating food that will nourish them, whilst having fun and learning the life skill of cooking.

We also work with eating establishments to create children’s menus that are fun, tasty and nutritious.

It has been amazing working with Dotty’s Kitchin, developing our new healthy children’s menu. Catherine understands the difficulties first-hand, of trying to get your children to eat healthily without seeing a scrunched up face.
— Andrew Coath, Managing Director, Epic Pubs


Let's Make Kids Food Good fooD!